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Prairie High School’s Jazz Band One has had a very successful competitive season. Through their high placements at area competitions, they qualified for the Iowa Jazz Championships for just the sixth time in school history. School history was again made for JBO at the Iowa Jazz Championships on April 2nd! For the FIRST time ever, this group performed in the night finals at IJC. Jazz Band One ultimately earned second place in class 4A, making it the highest-ever finish in school history by far. This essentially means that at this Iowa Jazz Championships, Jazz Band One was the second-best jazz band in the state in class 4A! Congratulations on a job well-done, Jazz Band One!


Alto Sax 1/Soprano Sax/Clarinet: Riley Kruse
Alto Sax 2: Hailey Asbe
Tenor Sax 1: Matthew Urich
Tenor Sax 2/Clarinet: Carlie Robertson
Bari Sax 1/Clarinet: Sophia Johnson
Bari Sax 2: Takeshi Fottral

Lead: Michael Barton
2: Joseph Weimer
3: Michael Till
4: Samuel Neira
5: Mackenzie Baustian

Lead: Jonathan Reu
2: Michael Davis
3: John Hynek
Bass: Adam Schwertfeger

Piano: Chase Beightler
Guitar: Yuri Ishihara
Bass: Claire Cornelius
Drums/Vibraphone: Benjamin Hollinger
Drums/Congas/Vibraphone: Dexter Quanrud

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