Honor Band HS (1)

On Saturday, December 2nd, students from the Prairie High School 9-12 Bands and Prairie Point 8th grade band participated in the Northeast Iowa Bandmasters Association (NEIBA) Honor Band. Prairie High School had 16 students who were selected while Prairie Point had seven. Congratulations to the following students who were selected.

PHS 9 -12 Graders:
Hailey Asbe – 11th
Michael Barton – 12th
Mackenzie Baustian – 12th
Chloe Columbus – 11th
Michael Davis – 10th
Miles Detterbeck – 9th
Sophia Johnson – 12th
Riley Kruse – 12th
Jonathan Reu – 11th
Avery Sanderson – 11th
Adam Schwertfeger – 11th
Landon Slezak – 9th
Emily Stuecker – 12th
Dylan Thumann – 12th
Monica Toczylowski – 12th
Aleena Wittenburg – 10th

Honor Band 8th

8th Graders:
Sophia Netolicky
Addison Funke        
Morgan Meredith
Asami Fottral
Jack Ellsworth
Bea Braun
Vincent Wong          

We are also very proud to announce that four students were selected for the prestigious Iowa Bandmasters Association (IBA) All-Iowa 8th Grade Honor Band as well as one student selected as an alternate. Students selected for the All-Iowa 8th Grade Honor Band: 

Sophia Netolicky, clarinet
Morgan Meredith, bassoon
Jack Ellsworth, trombone
Bea Braun, tuba
Addison Funke, clarinet, was selected as an alternate

This is the highest honor an 8th grade band student can receive in the state of Iowa. Selected students will represent College Community at the annual IBA Conference in Des Moines where they will work with a nationally known composer and educator and perform a concert for family and band directors from around the state.