Elevation West

There has been a lot of activity since voters in the College Community School District went to the polls and approved the design and construction of a new wellness center as a joint venture between the school district and the YMCA.  First, the new center has a name!  With input from the College Community School District facilities committee, the district decided on the Prairie Summit YMCA.

The facility will be located on the north side of 76th Avenue just west of Prairie Heights.  The access to the building will be a new roundabout between the two buildings.  Parking and the main entry to the new facility will be on the west side of the building. (see site plan)

The months since the vote have been busy.  There have been benchmarking trips to see other facilities with similar features.  There have been programming and visioning meetings with key stakeholders in the district.  A construction manager, Conlon Construction, has been hired to work with the district and OPN Architects on the design, budget, and construction of the facility.

“Our Prairie team, the YMCA and the design team share the excitement our community has to see this long-awaited project begin to take shape.” said Dr. Doug Wheeler, Superintendent. “We are thrilled to share the first concept images for this facility that will deliver so many wonderful new opportunities for our students and the entire Prairie community.  We live in a school district that consistently votes to invest in our students and families through state of the art facilities and program opportunities.  On behalf of our learners, I want to thank our voters for their support of this facility.”

Key amenities of the Prairie Summit YMCA include competition and recreation pools.  The competition pool will provide the venue for Prairie swim teams as well as swimming experiences for younger students.  In addition to the aquatics side of the facility, there will be locker rooms, two competition wood courts, a turf area, a walking track, cardio and fitness space, and two multi-use fitness classrooms.  Stitching the amenity areas together will be a central core that will have a lobby and gathering space, YMCA administration space and a small café and seating area. Construction on the new Prairie Summit YMCA is expected to start early this fall with completion slated for early 2026.

View from South West 1