FB Dist. Announcement 2

The College Community School Board approved opening limited open enrollment for new student enrollments for the 2021-2022 school year at the February 17, 2021 Special Board meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Doug Wheeler presented a district enrollment update to the School Board with an overview of the District’s current enrollment status. “Due to recent significant and anomalous declines, likely linked to the recent pandemic and natural disaster, it is in the District’s best interest to open limited Open Enrollment for new students,” said Superintendent Dr. Doug Wheeler.  “Offering limited open enrollment would foster the goal of mitigating the financial impact of the enrollment loss with a balancing impact on grade levels. This decline in enrollment is not significant to adjust construction plans for building facilities, but is significant enough to limit plans for creating new programming for students or maintaining current programming beyond this budget year.”

Each grade will have an established number of open slots ranging from 4 to 12, depending on grade-level and building needs. College Community Schools have been closed to new enrollments to manage growth over two decades. The process is intended to be a one-year recovery of enrollment to assist the district in managing the compounding financial impact of an enrollment decline of this type. This process is intended to assist in financial assurance to continue expanding programming for students and families for years to come. Enrollment allowances vary based on need and building capacity across grade levels. Additionally, some district programs are closed due to those programs operating at full capacity.

Money to support program development comes entirely from general fund dollars, which is driven by enrollment. The expansion of programming and the creation of programming is essential to serving our students in a large district.

Timeline: February 18 – March 15 – Applications Accepted

  • Applications submitted before February 18th will be reviewed in the order submitted.
  • Applications received after March 1 can be deemed “late” in accordance with the law by the students’ current resident district and may not be approved for students in grades 1-12, Open enrollment deadline for kindergarten is September 1.

For more information open enrollment, click here or visit our homepage,  www.crprairie.org.