Chess Club

Prairie hosted the Iowa Scholastic Match-Play Team Championships on Saturday, February 25.  The Prairie Schools of Creek, Ridge, Heights, and Crest fielded 5 teams in the Elementary Section.  Two Prairie Creek teams, which included top-ranked players from the Prairie K-4 Schools, finished in first and second place, the Prairie Ridge team finished third, and the Prairie Heights team finished sixth.  The Prairie Point team finished fourth in the Middle School Section.

Twenty Iowa Scholastic Teams from the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor, Ames, and West Des Moines competed.  The match-play tournament format has students play in teams of four, representing their school.  Much like a tennis match, players are seeded on their team and then play the other team’s four players in their order of player seeding.  The team that scores the most points (wins and draws) wins the match.

“Prairie Schools have never won this tournament before,” said Prairie Chess Instructor Jim Hodina. Going 1-2-3 is quite an amazing accomplishment for our students.”

Point: Chase Nelson, Vincent Wong, Justin Igubeakwe, Matt Formanek, and Sam Martin
Creek: Blake Eynon, Chan Phong Ton, Cole Garibay, Melody White-Haar, Miles Degner, Nate Griffith, Nicholas Schroeder, Olivia Hamacher, Ridge: Chase Noska, Cruz Meade, Grayson McDaniel, Kelton Holm, Ryker Grabe-Young
Heights: Aaron Wong, Hazel Brewer, Jack McCabe, Sam Szymanski, Shay McCabe, Kale Wood
Crest: Eli Ketchum, Violet White-Haar, Audreyann Griffith