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College Community would like to congratulate grand prize and finalist winners of the 2021 America Reads Bookmark Contest. If you see these students around campus, ask about their favorite book!

Grand Prize Winner:
Picabo Lalonde, 3rd grader from Ridge, Owl Diaries


Addy Brockhohn, Hill, grade 2, Smile

Elli Brockhohn, Hill, grade 4, The Hundred Dresses

Gabe Chapman, Ridge, grade 4, Godzilla Rulers of Earth

Jack Gucfa, Ridge, grade 2, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Cooper Kivell, View, grade 3, Mutant Zombie

Alaina Klindt,Heights, grade 2, Royal Rescues: The Naughty Kitten

Khloe Michalec, Ridge, grade 3, Double Pink

Charlee Miell, Creek, grade 5, Dork Diary 11

Jamison Miller, Ridge, grade 1, The Bad Guys

Jayden Miller, Creek, grade 5, Mutant Zombie

Aaron Reynolds, Heights, grade 3, Press Start Series

Elliot Reynolds, Creek, grade 5, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

All winning bookmarks will be printed and distributed to all participating schools.  College Community schools will recognize winning students at the Oct 18 school board meeting.