Point Outdoor Ed

For over 60 years, Prairie Point has immersed its 7th graders in nature through its annual Outdoor Education program. Held at Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca since 2006 (previously at Camp Wapsie), the program goes beyond textbooks. It’s a chance for students to trade classrooms for the great outdoors and develop valuable life skills.

Unplugging and Unwinding: This program takes students out of their comfort zones, allowing them to learn and grow in a new environment. They build social skills like cooperation, teamwork, and communication. They also gain practical skills like cooking, cleaning, and time management. Importantly, they disconnect from electronics and reconnect with nature, fostering a sense of self-reliance and appreciation for the outdoors. This experience often boosts their confidence and equips them to become better students and future citizens.

Adventure Awaits: Days are filled with exciting activities like rock climbing, canoeing, archery, and environmental exploration. Students learn survival skills like building shelters, purifying water, and tying knots. They can also test their aim in archery, tee off in a game of disc golf, or participate in a fascinating class on animal adaptation.

Fun Under the Stars: Evenings are packed with laughter and team spirit. Students compete in relay races, kickball games, and cooperative challenges. They can bond over volleyball, basketball, human foosball, or gaga ball. Nighttime brings opportunities for singing camp songs, enjoying skits performed by staff and students, or dancing the night away at a DJ party. Card games, campfires with spooky stories, and the chance to unwind under the stars round out the unforgettable experience.

The Outdoor Education Program challenges students to step outside their comfort zones, building self-confidence as they master valuable life and social skills.