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Progress continues on the new 5/6 building which is located south of Prairie Point Middle School. Below is an August 2022 update on the new 5/6 building which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2023.

AREA A: Administrative, Art, Music, Special Education
AREA B: Cafeteria, Classrooms, Multipurpose Room, Media Center
AREA C: Classrooms

August 2022 Construction Update

  • Started Asphalt Paving and will continue through October
  • 100% of metal stud walls installed
  • All exterior brick installed
  • Installing remaining Glass at Curtain Walls in Area B & C
  • Started installation of ceramic tile in bathrooms
  • Pulling electrical wire on first floor
  • Fireproofing of steel will be completed this month

Coming up in the Next Couple of Months: 

  • Start Painting walls
  • Set Mechanical Equipment
  • Start installation and finish of drywall
  • Start installing ceiling grid
  • Start installation of metal roof cap

On March 3, 2020, voters in the College Community School District approved a $54M bond referendum to construct a new 5/6 building on 80 acres directly south of Prairie Point.  Funds generated from the bond referendum in conjunction with SAVE dollars also include significant renovations to our current Prairie Creek building in preparation for our 9th graders and district programs.

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